Only 1 in 10 Viewers Can Spot The FOUR Differences I Images! But Can You Find All Of Them?

Today is another great day to put your visual skills to the test with picture puzzles that you can enjoy with your friends
and family.

For this challenge, viewers must find the differences between two similar images. But not many people can spot all
four! What about you?

Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can spot the differences!

The images show Santa Claus eating some cookies and drinking a glass of milk. It seems like his delicious treats were
prepared by kids waiting for him to bring gifts!

His mouthwatering cookies may make you want to grab a pack from the store but don’t let it distract you from your
The challenge is to find all four differences in the pictures. Have you spotted all of them yet? How long did it take you
to find them?

If you have found all the differences, congratulations! You are one of the very few people who managed to spot them
right away.

But if you are still searching, you can scroll down to view the answer. Just make sure that you have already pushed
yourself to the limits before doing so! Feel free to ask your friends or family for help for additional fun.

Giving up? Scroll down to see the answer…

Let’s try another picture puzzle!

Can you spot the two differences in these images?

The pictures show a young girl in the woods. She is wearing a yellow dress and red coat while carrying a basket filled
with apples.

There is also a curious squirrel behind her! But have you spotted the two differences yet?

Scroll down to confirm your answer…

How long did it take you to solve the first picture puzzle? What about the second one? Let us know in the comments
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